Experience/Japan – Oculus Rift

Want to Experience Japan?

Experience/Japan is a groundbreaking immersive 360 film being created for the Oculus Rift. The film is a hybrid between Virtual Travel and a fictional narrative. The Rift is part of a new breed of Virtual Reality headsets set to revolutionize digital media. Wired Magazine recently called the Oculus Rift ‘the future of movies’. This project will allow the viewer to experience another culture in a way never before possible.

Click here to download trailer PC (note you must install klite codec pack)

Click here to download trailer OSX

This trailer is only a small taste of what we’re trying to do, and you can help us do it!

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The Story

Experience/Japan is a fictional story told as a first person narrative. You will see everything from the perspective of Tom. You (Tom) are travelling to Japan for the first time to meet your friend Koji. Koij greets you at the airport, and leads you through the labyrinth of the Tokyo Metro to his family home on the outskirts of the city. There, you meet his family and enjoy a home cooked meal.
The next morning Koji takes you out on a tour of his city.  You see fish markets, temples, parks, stunning architecture. All the while, Koji is showing you things from the perspective of a local. Later that night, Koji takes you to a tiny bar in Shinjuku (the entertainment district) where you meet his childhood friends. They’re a friendly bunch, and tell you stories about what life in Japan is like for modern young people. Koji leads you back through the labyrinth of the Tokyo metro to your quiet home. You say goodnight to his family. It’s been a long day.